Is Netflix Not Working On Your Apple TV? Here Are Some Tips You Can Consider to fix it!!


Apple TV users often face this problem related to the Netflix app not working on their higher and 2nd generation devices. Some of the main issues that people are experiencing are mentioned here-

  • The users get the error that says, “Netflix is Currently Unavailable.”
  • It keeps on crashing.
  • Netflix has no sound on Apple TV
  • It just got stuck loading.

These are the main issues that people face that annoy them; some of them may see the blue dot which they may see under the Netflix app icon. It can be a crucial problem, and until this issue is resolved, they will not be able to watch that on their Apple TV.

How To Fix Netflix Won’t Open on Apple TV

A user should try these tips because they may help you face the problem. If it is not resolved, they will not be able to see Netflix. In addition, a person should know that this problem can happen to any Apple model.

Not Available

If you are continuously receiving the error that says Netflix is currently unavailable, you should try to fix that from the following tips.

1.     Try Netflix on any other device.

You should try using Netflix on any other device such as a PC or smartphone. It will tell you whether there is any problem with your internet connection. If Netflix is working there, there is only a problem with your Apple device, and you need to look in that only.

2.     Reinstall the application on Apple TV

The user can even try to delete the Netflix from the Apple TV and then install it again to see if the problem is resolved. You can do that by-

  • Holding or pressing the center button on the touchpad of the TV and you will see the Netflix shaking.
  • After that, you need to press the Play button and tap on the delete option.
  • Now go to the App Store, and from there, you can reinstall Netflix.
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3.     Restart your device

The person can restart the Apple TV device to unplug it for a few minutes and restart it again. There is one more way to do so, and that is-

  • You need to go to the settings and then click on the system. There you will see General or 4K/4th gen device. It is for the 3rd and lower.
  • After that, you need to choose the restart option.

4.     Reset the device setting

The users can try resetting the Apple TV device to resolve the problem. To reset the device, they need to go to the settings options, click on the General, and click on the Reset all settings after that reset.

5.     Check internet connection

Checking the internet connection is important; many times, the user thinks there is some big problem, but when they find the problem, it is about the internet.

That is why you need to check that first.

To check the connectivity, the person needs to open the setting option, where there will be the Network option and then click on the Test network. Next, you need to click on yes; after that, you can choose the download speed you expect from the internet connection.

6.     Look for the update in a network setting.

You need to check the updates in the network setting because sometimes, your internet does not work. Here is the guide that will help you learn how to update the network settings.

  • First, open the setting option, and then click on general. After that, you will see the Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and you need to click on that.
  • If you are an Ethernet user, you should choose the Ethernet, then Configure IP, then Automatic. Once you do that, you need to select the Configure DNS and click on Automatic.
  • But if you are a Wi-Fi user, you should choose the Wi-Fi Network, Configure IP, and then Automatic. After that, you can click on Configure DNS and then Automatic.
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Sound Issue

If a user has a complaint about no sound on Netflix on their Apple TV, then you can look out the solution mentioned below-

1.     Try playing a different show or movie

There are many times when you may not get sound in some movies or shows on Netflix. It can be because the sound is broken or corrupted. To be sure, the person needs to check by switching to some other movie and checking whether there is a problem in the application itself or with the specific title only.

2.     Check the audio setting on Apple TV.

The person can even check by adjusting the device’s audio setting because it can sometimes solve the problem. You can do that like this-

  • If you are the 2nd and 3rd Gen Apple TV user, you have to click on the setting, the video and audio option, and Audio Format, and after that, click on Dolby. From there, you can select Auto and then again check Netflix.
  • But if you are 4th and 4K Gen Apple TV users, you have to open the settings after that video and audio, then click on Audio Format. After that, you can click on Change format and click on use best available.

Application starts to crash.

The user often complained about Netflix starting to crash on the Apple TV device. If that is the problem you are facing, you can follow all the procedures you may do when there is an error in Netflix about not being available. You can check whether there is an update, test the network connection, and even try to restart the device.

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The Final Words

If a user follows these tips while they get the problem, their problem gets resolved most of the time. But if you are still getting the same problem, you can contact Netflix or even ask the Apple TV customer service; they will help you out!

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