iPhone hack: Can the iPhone be hacked? Yes! Check out the must Precautions!


iPhone devices are known for their quality security, Apple keeps on updating system software to eradicate bugs which might put users’ data in trouble. Putting in lot of efforts to protect Apple users data, still, it’s possible for hackers to perform the action “iPhone hack” 

In this article, we have discussed the reasons for the iPhone hack and the must precautions. Investing a few minutes, reading the article will help you take proper initiatives to protect your iPhone device from hackers in 2020.

What are the actual causes behind, iPhone hack?

Well, minor misleads put your iPhone device in big trouble, opens the door for Hackers to get in. Hackers are fond of sending fake emails, texts to target their victims. They simply include a hyperlink along manipulative texts such as prize win, discounts, cash bonus, jackpot and so on. Similarly, third-party applications, unknown open wifi connections allow hackers to perform the action iPhone hack. 

As discussed earlier, minor mislead can put your iPhone device in trouble (iPhone hack). Eager to know what mislead? Simply read further to explore the must precautions to keep your iPhone device away from hackers in 2020. 

Must precautions to keep iPhone device away from Hackers 

We have discussed the necessary defense for Apple users to help them stay away from hackers activity, iPhone hack. Being an Apple user you must take proper initiatives to protect your valuable data and login credentials. Explore the must precautions to secure your iPhone device from hackers. 

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Do not jailbreak your iPhone device

Usually, Apple users perform jailbreak actions on their iPhone devices to install third-party apps. No doubt you can enjoy third-party apps, gain free access to paid Applications, E-books and so on but jailbreak is the key access for hackers. Apple won’t be responsible to help you if you perform a jailbreak activity. Jailbreak iPhone devices will definitely let hackers perform the action iPhone hack, they can easily access your data, videos, files, login credentials and so on. We would insist you not to perform the jailbreak activity in your iPhone to keep your device data safe & secure in 2020.

Check for unKnown Apps that exists in iPhone device

You might find some unknown apps that are active in your Apple device, those applications are the actual source for hackers to get into your iPhone device. Unknown Apps continuously keep an eye on iPhone users activity and also read your login credentials. Hackers plant these tiny apks files in iPhone devices through different mediums. We would insist you to check all the installed apps in your iPhone device and find the unknown apks. If any, delete them from your Apple device in 2020.

Avoid open source WiFi connectivity

It’s fun to enjoy free internet connectivity using the WiFi feature in iPhone devices but those few minutes of fun can put you in big trouble, iPhone hack. For hackers it’s quite simple to read the connected IP address to access the device data, they can access users bank accounts, Email accounts, videos, documents, images and so on. Avoid open-source internet connectivity to stay safe from iPhone hack in 2020

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Clear the cache and history of browsers

Apple users visit multiple websites to explore different genres of content on the web. If you are one of the users then we would insist you use Safari browser in your iPhone device for surfing. Safari browser won’t allow users to access suspicious websites that don’t acquire necessary certificates. Using other browsers such as chrome or bing in an iPhone device? If yes, we insist you to perform the activity clear cache and history on a daily basis.

Make sure you don’t click unknown links 

Hackers send manipulative texts, emails with hyperlink to target their victims. Do not click those links to keep your device safe, hackers can access your iPhone device through those links. Avoid unknown email with manipulative subjects such as jackpot, cash bonus, discounts and so on. 

In case, if you have clicked any of those links kindly, perform the action “Erase all contents and settings” in iPhone device. 

  • Open setting in your iPhone device 
  • Find “General” option and click on it
  • Next step is to find “Reset” option and click on it.
iPhone hack
  • You will find the option “Erase All Content and Settings” 
  • Kindly click on it and erase stored data of iPhone device
  • The process will consume some time, wait until it gets completed!

Performing the method in your iPhone device will help you to keep your device away from hackers activity, iPhone hack in 2020.

Check for new system software update for iPhone

It’s good to have a practice to keep updating iPhone devices with the latest system software. Apple provides new software updates on a regular basis to improve the features, security and to remove tiny bugs from iPhone devices. We would recommend you to check for new system software updates in your iPhone device. If any, download and install the same.

  • Open settings in your iPhone device
  • Now, click on “General” option to find “Software Update” click on it.
iPhone hack
  • Check for new system software updates, if any “Download & Install” the same in your iPhone device. 
  • Wait for few minutes until !00% process completion. 
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FAQ for iPhone hack 

  • Can hackers see you through your phone camera?

Yes, hackers can keep an eye on your activity accessing your iPhone camera. Insist you to avoid installing third-party apps in Apple devices to stay away from hackers activity, iPhone hack in 2020.

  • What happens when your phone is hacked?

Hackers can access your device data, videos, images, emails and login credentials that exist in your iPhone device. You might even get in big trouble, lose money. 

  • Will reset phone remove hackers?

No, just by performing a reset process won’t remove the hackers footprints. You have to perform “Erase all contents and settings” in your iPhone device to remove hackers in 2020.


Insist you to implement the given precautions to keep your iPhone device away from hackers’ activity, iPhone hack in 2020. If you have any doubt or query kindly, note in the comment section. Our dedicated team will look into it!

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