If Updating or Installing Zoom on Mac Doesn’t Work, Here’s What to Do.


You launched Zoom on your Mac, but you are unable to join a meeting because Zoom requires an update, which fails. Don’t be alarmed!

You’re not alone if you’ve tried to update Zoom on your Mac and the update installation doesn’t function or fails completely. For whatever reason, some Mac users discover that updating Zoom for Mac isn’t always as straightforward as clicking the ‘update’ and ‘install’ buttons because the app ultimately closes, but the upgrade isn’t completed.

You won’t be able to attend meetings or host them unless you update Zoom, and you won’t be able to use the app at all if it’s too old.

So, even if the Zoom update fails to install, how do you upgrade Zoom for Mac? As you’ll see in a moment, it’s actually rather simple. We’ll go through two ways to update Zoom on the Mac: the first is the standard method, which should work for most users, and the second method, detailed further below, is how to update Zoom on the Mac even if it won’t install or isn’t operating properly.

How Do I Update Zoom on My Mac Using Zoom?

Frequently, simply selecting the “Upgrade” button at launch will result in a successful update of Zoom for Mac. That’s how it’s supposed to function. You can also go to the “Zoom” menu and select “Check for Updates,” then continue with the upgrade process from there.

This works the majority of the time, but not always. If the update fails, try the next approach, which will always update Zoom.

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When the Update Installer Fails or Doesn’t Work, Here’s How to Update Zoom for Mac

Instead of relying on the automatic updater and installer, which is prone to failure, the quickest approach to force an update to Zoom on the Mac is to simply re-download and re-install Zoom.

  • To download the latest version of Zoom for Mac, go to zoom.us/download and select the big blue Download icon.
  • Now open the “Zoom.pkg” package installer from your Downloads folder.
  • Repeat the Zoom installation process. (This is despite the fact that Zoom is already installed on the Mac)
  • When the installation is finished, Zoom will be updated to the most recent version available.

By the way, the identical techniques for updating Zoom for Mac should also work for updating Zoom for Windows, although we’re concentrating on the Mac here.

Zoom for iPhone and iPad may be updated at any time via the App Store on those devices, which is very convenient. Zoom, on the other hand, isn’t available in the Mac App Store, so you’ll have to download it separately for Mac and Windows.

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