How to Use the ‘Right-Click’ Function on an iPad


Many iPad users are perplexed as to how they can right-click on the device. After all, right-clicking on something on a Mac or PC gives you access to a variety of functions.

Because Mac’s Magic Mice don’t have a right-side button, this is sometimes done with a Control-Click. We’ll go over how to do some of the right-click actions that you’re used to on your PC on your iPad in this article.

There are basically two ways to use the ‘right-click’ functions on your iPad. You can interact with your iPad with your finger, which is the most usual method.

Many people like to use a mouse, trackpad, or keyboard with their iPads, and you can now use your Mac’s mouse, trackpad, and keyboard to operate your iPad using Universal Control, even if you haven’t purchased these products specifically for use with your iPad.

We’ll show you how to use these different ways to use the ‘right-click’ functions to copy, paste, and open links, among other things.

The ‘Right-Click’ using your finger

Accessing copy and paste options


To copy the text on an iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Select a word and hold it down until it is highlighted.
  2. Move the bars on each side of the highlighted word until your preferred words are included in the highlighted selection if you need to highlight more words.
  3. You’ll notice a menu appear near the highlighted text. Select Copy.


  • There are a few ways to paste previously copied text from the clipboard:
  • Tap the clipboard button near the top-left of the onscreen keyboard if the iPad onscreen keyboard is open and your cursor is in the correct spot.
  • Select the spot where you want to paste and press the Enter key. There should be a little menu appear. Press the Paste button.
  • You should be able to paste in text fields and apps that allow you to type. Note that if
  • you try to paste in an area where it is not permitted, the Paste option will not show.
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Opening a link

When you’re on your computer, you can usually open a link by just clicking on it. If you want additional control over where that link opens, such as in a new tab or window, you can right-click (or Control-Click) on the link to bring up a menu of alternatives.
By pressing and holding your finger on a link on your iPad, you can access a menu of options linked with that link. Because iPad functions a little differently than a computer, the menu options you see pop up may not seem exactly like what you see on your PC.

I receive the following menu options when I press and hold on a link in Safari on my iPad:

  • Open
  • Open in Background
  • Open in Tab Group
  • Open in Split View
  • Download Linked File
  • Add to Reading List
  • Copy
  • Share

You might notice options like Open in “Example Program” and Open in Safari when you open the options menu for a link from another app.

Opening app icon menu options

When you press and hold your finger on an icon on your iPad Home Screen, a menu of options appears. The options you see will vary depending on the app.

Third-party apps

The following items are commonly found in third-party apps’ menus, while Share App and Remove App are occasionally replaced by Share Bookmark and Delete Bookmark.

  • Edit the Home Screen
  • Share an App
  • Delete an App

App-specific settings may also be available on the menu. Add an event, Add task, Add goal, and Add reminder, for example, are all available from the Google Calendar menu.

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Apple apps

Apple apps’ menus always feature the following items:

  • Edit Home Screen
  • Remove App

They could also incorporate app-specific features. The App Store, for example, features a menu that includes Search, Redeem, Updates, and Purchased.

Right-click using a mouse or trackpad

If you have a mouse or trackpad connected to your iPad, instead of pressing and holding with your finger on the iPad, you can right-click on your mouse/trackpad. You should be able to utilize the right button on a mouse that has one. If you’re using a keyboard and a mouse with a single button, such as Apple’s Magic Mouse, you can Control-Click.

Settings for keyboards, mice, and trackpads can be found in the Keyboard and Trackpad & Mouse menus under Settings > General. See How to Set Up an iPad Mouse or Trackpad and Fix Pointer Size Issues for further information on how to set up a mouse or trackpad.

The new Universal Control feature

Apple introduced the Universal Control functionality with the release of iOS/iPadOS 15.4. This feature enables users who have a Mac and an iPad to utilize their mouse, trackpad, or keyboard on both devices.

If you have a Mac, you can use your Mac’s mouse, trackpad, and keyboard on your iPad in this manner. See Universal Control Not Working? for further information on how to set up Universal Control and resolve issues. Here’s What You Can Do to Make It Better.

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