How to Use Recovery Mode with Your iPhone or iPad


Having recovery mode is a blessing for people on their mobile devices. It can be used to restore the data on your iPad or iPhone if you face any problem with the device. It is the function that iPhone user needs if their device runs into some major problem. Here are many situations when the user may need to use the Recovery Mode, and those are as follow-

  • If the person is facing any problem in their device when they see the Recovery Mode on the screen. The person can connect that to the PC and then use the Recovery Mode.
  • The user may want to delete or erase something from their device, but they cannot do so because the screen is not working.
  • If the device is stuck and only showing the Apple logo on the screen.

It can be used mainly when the device stops forcefully and is not responding, and the person may need to initiate the force restart.

How to use the Recovery Mode?

If you want to start the recovery process, then the first thing that you need to do is ensure whether your Mac is updated. Even if you are using iTunes on the computer, make sure that you use the latest version.

Restart your iPhone or iPad in recovery mode

Step 1- First thing that you need to do is open the Finder or iTunes.

Step 2- After that, the person needs to connect the device to the computer via an appropriate lightning/ USB cable.

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Step 3: Put the phone in recovery mode.

How to Use Recovery Mode with Your iPhone or iPad
  • If you have an iPhone 6 or earlier iPad with a Home button, you need to hold or press the Top (Side) button and Home button. You need to do that until the recovery mode appears on the screen.
  • If the user has the iPhone 8 or iPhones after that, iPad without the Home Button, you need to press and release the volume button both up and down quickly. Then you need to hold and press the top button on the side till the recovery mode appears on the screen.
  • But if you have the iPhone 7, the user has to hold and press the Volume down and topside button, and you need to release those buttons when you see the recovery mode on the screen.

The user can easily force restart the iPhone or iPad in the recovery mode with the combination of a button. It is a simple process, so you can use these combinations if you ever face any serious problem.

Restore the device to Factory

When the person updates the software, they may have to follow some steps that will turn your device in the recovery mode and there, they have to choose the option to restore instead of Update. It will erase the data from your device. The person may want to do these steps if you want to sell your device and erase everything from inside or if you are sending the phone for service.

Exit to recovery mode

Now, the person has got the idea about how they can successfully enter the recovery mode and put their device into recovery. But how they can come out of it? After using the recovery mode successfully, it will automatically exit the recovery mode. You can do that by.

  • Unplugging the device from your PC.
  • Following the steps so that you can restart the device forcefully. It will be the same sequence of buttons that you can press and hold before entering recovery mode. Now, you do not have to connect it with a PC.
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The Final Words

Any problem you get in your iPhone or iPad can be fixed easily with the recovery mode. But if you are facing some problem that cannot be fixed from the recovery mode, you can contact Apple Support.

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