How to Turn Off Voice for Apple Watch Workouts on watchOS 8


After upgrading to watchOS 8, your Apple Watch may have begun to bother you with workout alerts. This is a brand-new function included in watchOS 8, dubbed Voice Feedback. If you want to keep your Apple Watch Workouts silent during a workout, you can easily do that on watchOS 8. Simply follow these steps.

This may be a feature that some users appreciate; it can provide helpful statements about your workout progress without requiring you to look at your watch — I suppose folks who run outside can still see where they’re going while receiving the voice updates.

Others may like to be updated on their workout progress by a cool tech voice. However, if you want your watch to be silent, continue reading this post; we’ll explain how to change the settings for your watch’s new voice update feature.

On your iPhone

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap Workout.

Apple Watch Workouts

  • Continue scrolling down to the bottom. You will see a message titled “Voice Feedback.” To turn it off, tap on the toggle switch adjacent to it.

Apple Watch Workouts

On your Apple Watch

  • By pushing the crown (button) and locating the Settings symbol bubble among the sea of Apple Watch app bubbles, you may access Settings. To access the Settings menu, click the Settings icon.

Apple Watch Workouts


  • At the bottom, tap Workout.

Apple Watch Workouts

  • To turn off Voice Feedback, scroll to the bottom and tap on it.

Related Siri Settings

Additionally, you may change your Apple Watch’s voice feedback settings – which apply to more general circumstances as well as exercises. From the Siri settings menu, you may alter a variety of Siri-related settings.

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Choose when you can hear Siri

  1. On your Apple Watch, navigate to Settings.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and touch on Siri.
  3. This section contains a variety of settings for using Siri with your Apple Watch. Scroll down to the section titled “Voice Feedback.” Select from the following options: Always On, Control With Silent Mode, or Headphones Only.

Set Siri’s Volume

  1. Within the Siri menu in Settings, navigate to Settings > Siri. Select Voice Volume — Speaker from the drop-down menu.
  2. To decrease or increase the volume of Siri, tap on the left or right sound icon.

Siri’s Voice

You can change the voice of Siri — if you’re sick of listening to it.

  1. Scroll down the Settings > Siri menu until you reach Siri Voice. It should be tapped.
    Choose from one of the following Siri dialects: American, Australian, British, Indian, Irish, or South African.
  2. To switch between male and female voices, scroll down and select Voice 1 or Voice 2.
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