How to Share Wi-Fi Password on iPhone


Have you ever been stuck when trying to join a new Wi-Fi network? People frequently forget their passwords, resulting in a terrible ordeal in which they scramble to retrieve the password for you.

It is really a simple and clear process to share a wi-fi password on iPhone. Here is an article to share wi-fi passwords on iPhones.

Awkward! Then there are individuals who have the longest and most intricate passwords ever recorded in the history of passwords.

Think again if you think the only way out of these terribly embarrassing circumstances is to refuse to ask for the Wi-Fi password – which appears to be much more agonizing.

Instead of typing the Wi-Fi password, you might just ask people to share it immediately from their smartphone. When it’s your network, you may also share it with others and be a good Samaritan.

Sharing Wi-Fi Password on iPhone

Your Wi-Fi password can be shared from an iPhone to another iPhone, iPad, or Mac running macOS Sierra or later, but not from an Android device. iOS 12 or higher to be installed on both the receiving and sharing iPhones.

There are a few more requirements for sharing your Wi-Fi password with an iPhone.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth should be turned on on both devices, and the personal hotspot should be switched off.

Both devices should be signed in to iCloud using their Apple IDs, and their Apple IDs should be saved in each other’s contacts.

For this to operate, the sharer must have the share’s Apple ID saved in their contacts, and vice versa. You can’t share Wi-Fi credentials with complete strangers like this.

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Now that you’ve completed the prerequisites, here’s how to effortlessly share your Wi-Fi password.

  • To begin, the person who wishes to receive the password, i.e. the sharing, should go to their device’s settings and open it. Then select ‘Wi-Fi’.

Share Wi-Fi Password on iPhone

  • Now, among the available networks, tap the Wi-Fi network you want to join. The dialogue box titled “Enter Password” will display. However, you do not need to type the password because the sharer will do the rest.

Share Wi-Fi Password on iPhone

The sharer, who is already connected to the Wi-Fi network in question and is sharing the password, must now unlock their iPhone. Bring it closer to the other device until it is within Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range.

On your phone, a pop-up will display. Select ‘Share Password‘ from the drop-down menu.

Share Wi-Fi Password on iPhone

The shared device will connect to the Wi-Fi network after receiving the password. Finally, press ‘Done.’

Share Wi-Fi Password on iPhone

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