How to fix A Device Attached to the System is Not Functioning


Did you face an error like “A device attached to the system is not functioning” while transferring files from your iOS device to PC or mac? This is one of the most common errors and it could be fixed with simple modification as well. Read this article to know how to fix the “A device attached to the system is not functioning” error.

Reasons Behind the System is Not Functioning Error

In order to solve this issue, we first need to know why this error occurred. Mostly when users try to send their files from iOS devices to PC, they face this error. There are few reasons behind this error, such as,

  • Fault in the USB cable
  • An issue with the computer’s USB port
  • iOS device is not connected to the PC properly
  • There is no space on the iOS device

Now we can understand that a fault in the USB cable and USB port could be the reason behind this error or maybe the iOS device connected to the computer is not connected properly. One of the most tricky ones is the not available space is an iOS device which is hard to understand. When users try to send their videos or images to PC, they are sending the images and video in HEIF and HEVC format which is an iOS alternative to JPEG and H.264. But before the transfer, the files need to transfer their format to a PC compatible format and those files need to be saved temporarily. If users don’t have enough space on their iOS devices, those files won’t convert and cannot transfer. This issue might be not the reason behind the “A device attached to the system is not functioning” issue but many people have reported that it could work if everything else fails.

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How to Fix this Error?

There are several methods to fix this issue, make sure to follow all the points, and try them accordingly to fix this issue.

USB issue

If you are having a problem with transferring files via USB cable, then one of the most common issues could be the USB port or USB cable. Change the USB cable and try again if that doesn’t work then tries another USB port on your PC. put the USB cable in USB 2.0 and then try it in USB 3.0. If the error is coming from the USB cable or port, then this way users can find the root of the problem easily. 

Keep original Solution

This method works 100% when users face an issue like “A device attached to the system is not functioning”. Just like we mentioned earlier that while transferring images and videos to windows, iOS devices convert it to more windows compatible format, but if we stop that, there will be no error regarding file transfer. Follow this method,

  • Open iOS device settings
  • After that, go to photos
  • Now find an option like “transfer to Mac or pc”
  • Now there are two options there automatic and keep original
  • Now change it to keep original 

Now every time users transfer their photos or videos to PC or Mac, it will transfer in original file format and not windows compatible. Users also need to download a codec to convert this file to JPEG and H.264 and the issue will be solved.

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Update Apple Driver

One of the most common solutions is to update the drivers. One of the reasons could be an outdated driver trying to connect with a new driver on the iOS device and failing to work properly. Users can update their iTunes drivers two ways,

From iTunes

  • Go to iTunes and find the Help option
  • Find the “Check for update” option
  • Once users click on it, it will update the iTunes

From Microsoft Store

  • Go to Microsoft store 
  • Now click on the more
  • Then find the option for Downloads and updates
  • When users update it from there, they can fix the issue

With these methods, users can fix the “A device attached to the system is not functioning” issue right away. Make sure to always use the original and Mfi certified lightning cables. Otherwise, this type of issue might repeat in the future. We also advise our readers to keep at least 1GB of space free on their iOS devices. Users can also try some third-party apps like CopyTrans Photo which is specifically made for this purpose. 

FAQ for A Device Attached to the System is Not Functioning Error

1 What does it mean when a device attached to the system is not functioning?

When an iOS device is attached to a PC or Mac and it faces connectivity issues, this error occurred. When windows do not recognize the attached device, it pops up this error. This can be solved easily without any hassle.

2 How do you fix the device attached to the system is not functioning error on the iPhone? 

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There are many ways to fix this issue, change the USB cable, change the USB port, update the apple driver and one of the most effective is to allow the original file to transfer. Open settings in the iOS device and find photos, now find transfer to Mac or pc and then click on keep original option and it will fix this problem.


Most people face this issue while transferring their files from an iOS device to a PC or Mac. In this article, we have mentioned several methods to fix the “A device attached to the system is not functioning” issue. If you are facing the issue again and cannot transfer the files, ask us in the comment section.    

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