Best methods to hide photos on iPhone & iPad in 2021!


Intending to hide photos on iPhone or iPad devices? Apple is a notable brand that provides an inbuilt “Hide” feature to hide private pictures in iPhone/iPad devices. Read the article to explore the best methods for performing the activity, hide photos on iPhone in 2021.

You can find numerous third-party “Secret Vault” applications on the internet but installing them in Apple device might be risky. Those applications require permissions to read your device data, which lets hackers infiltrate into your device data. We won’t recommend you to prefer third-party apps to hide pictures or videos if they are not available on the App Store.

Methods to hide photos on the iPhone or iPad in 2021!

Let’s go through reliable methods to hide private photos in iPhone or iPad devices. Necessary steps and screenshots are included for both the methods. Insist you follow the given steps to avoid misleads, later on.

Use inbuilt Photos Application to hide photos on iPhone

hide photos on iPhone
  • Firstly you have to launch the Photos App in your iPhone device
  • Now what you have to do is to simply choose the image that you are intending to hide
hide photos on iPhone
  • In our case, we have selected the above image in our iPhone device
hide photos on iPhone
  • Now you will find an icon below the image “Shareable” icon
  • Kindly, click on it to continue with the process, Hide photos on iPhone
hide photos on iPhone
  • Simply slide the bottom options to find the “Hide” option in your iPhone device. Have a look at the above image for clear understanding.
  • Click on the ‘Hide’ option to proceed further with the process.
hide photos on iPhone
  • You will find a pop-up as shown in the above image. Kindly, click on “Hide Photo” to hide images in your iPhone device.
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That’s it! Well, now you are aware of the answer to the question, how to hide photo on iPhone in 2020.

Note: The same steps are applicable to hide private photos in an iPad device.

Install Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe

hide photos on iPhone

Private Photo Vault is one of the most reliable iOS Applications that allows Apple users to hide photos in their iPhone/iPad devices. The application holds the best rating in the category 4.8/5. It is compatible with iOS 12.0 or later version. The size of the Private Photo Vault application is 96.1 MB. Install it for free!

  • Launch App Store in your iPhone or iPad device
  • Type “Private Photo Vault” in the search bar, click on install.

Note: Direct Download link for Private Photo Vault

  • Kindly launch the application in your iPhone device
  • Next step is to set up a passcode for Private Photo Vault application
  • Click on photos option and select the images that you intending to hide.

Once done, launch Photos Application in your iPhone device and try to find the hidden images. You won’t be able to view the hidden images in Photo application.

In case, if you wish to view the hidden pictures simply launch Private Photo Vault and enter the valid passcode. Click on photos to view the hidden images in your iPhone device.

FAQ for Hide photos on iPhone

  • How do I hide photos on my iPhone 2021?

Simply follow the stated steps to hide photo on iPhone device in 2021.

  1. Launch Photo App in your iPhone device
  2. Select the image that you wish to hide
  3. Click on the “Shareable” icon
  4. Now slide bottom options to find the “Hide”
  5. Kindly, click on it to hide photos in iPhone or iPad devices
  • How do I lock a photo album on my iPhone?
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To lock a photo album in your iPhone device follow the below-given steps.

  1. Firstly launch “Settings”
  2. Find the “Photos” option and click on it
  3. Disable Hidden Album option
  • Is private photo vault secure?

Yes, Private Photo Vault is 100% safe and secure application. Millions of Apple users prefer the application to hide photos on iPhone. Moreover, it holds 4.8 ratting in the App Store which is the best rating in the category.


We’re glad to introduce the best methods to hide photos on iPhone in 2021. If you have any doubt or query, kindly note it in the given comment section. Our dedicated team will look into it!

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