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Numerous people have reported that their iPhone has begun to take fuzzy images and videos. More precisely, the iPhone’s photographs and videos are grainy, out of focus, indistinct, and generally unsatisfactory. How To Fix iPhone Camera Blurry. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to fix blurry photos taken by your iPhone camera.

A similar issue occurs when the iPhone Camera displays blurry photos when attempting to use FaceTime, Zoom, or similar video applications.

If you’re experiencing a similar problem when connected to a secure and dependable Wi-Fi or cellular data network, there are a few things you may check.

This article discusses the probable causes of fuzzy images and videos in the Camera app, as well as many fixes you can try. This appears to be a problem with both the front and back cameras.

Numerous variables may contribute to this issue, including a filthy lens or ineffective user execution. This guide helps you if the Camera app displays incorrect movies or photos.

Restart the Camera app

Simply restart your iPhone’s Camera app. This may resolve any issues with your Camera if it is not performing as planned. This is how:

  • Launch the App Switcher: iPhone models with Face ID: Swipe upward from the bottom
  • border of your screen and come to a halt at the center.
  • Additional iPhone models (iPhones with a Home button): Press and hold the Home button twice.
  • Now locate the Camera application. You can find it by swiping left or right.
  • On the Camera app, swipe up.
  • Then launch the Camera app and attempt to capture images.
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Restart iPhone

If restarting the app does not resolve the issue, reboot your iPhone. This is how:

  • iPhone X and subsequent models: Press and hold both the side and volume up (or down) buttons simultaneously until the “slide to power off” screen shows. Drag the slider to the right. Wait for your iPhone to shut down completely. Then, while holding the side button, press and hold it until the Apple logo appears.
  • Other iPhone models include the following: Hold down the power button (side or top) until the power-off slider appears. Adjust the slider. Allow around 30 seconds for your device to shut down. To restart your iPhone, press and hold the power button one more.

Update software

The first step is to check for iOS updates and then upgrade your device if any are available. This may resolve your issue. For instance, an iOS update may fix probable Camera auto-focus issues, which occur when your iPhone camera is unable to focus on an item when recording photos or movies.

Updating is simple. Simply navigate to Settings > General > Software Update and follow the prompts.

Clean the lens

Dust, fingerprints, or debris on the lens can obstruct the auto-focus feature of your camera. A dirty lens is one of the most common causes. Additionally, a damp indoor climate might result in a hazy, soft-focus look.

Cleaning the front of your lens is a good idea. Your iPhone is equipped with two cameras. One is on the back of the phone, while the other is on the front. Clean the lens with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. You should abstain from the use of facial tissues.

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The case

If you are using a case, it is possible that your case is the source of the problem. Certain cases, particularly metallic ones, may cause optical image stabilization to fail. Remove the case, take a photograph, and then compare the images taken with and without the case.

Avoid camera shake

If you move your iPhone excessively when shooting shots, motion blur may result. To avoid this, maintain a solid grip on your iPhone. Maintain complete stillness and immobility until the photograph is taken. You may choose to use both hands to grip it.

Use Burst Mode

You may wish to use Burst Mode, particularly if your subjects are moving. Burst Mode enables you to shoot many high-speed shots in rapid succession inside a second. Simply launch the Camera app and drag the Shutter button to the left while pressing and holding the button.

Additionally, you can utilize the Volume Up button if you enable it in Settings > Camera by checking the “Use Volume Up For Burst” box.

Fix iPhone Camera Blurry

You can browse through your images and choose the best one. Simply open the Photos app, locate the image, and hit Select.

Adjust auto-focus

The camera on your iPhone is quite sophisticated. However, your camera may focus on the incorrect subject or location. And as a result, the results may be hazy. And the good news is that you get to choose where to spend your efforts.

Fix iPhone Camera Blurry

This will resolve the issue. Simply tap on a region, a person, or an object in the Camera preview screen to direct the camera’s focus to that area, person, or object within the frame.

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