How to Delete Apps from App Library on iPhone


Thanks to the iOS 14 upgrade unveiled at WWDC 2020, App Library is one of the newest enhancements to your iPhone.

It will be available to the general public in the fall of this year, but a developer beta profile is now available. However, if you’re a quick shopper and need it straight now, you can try it.

You’ll notice that the App Library will drastically alter how you utilize and organize your iPhone apps.

There are more tools than ever before to help you declutter and streamline your Home screen. The option to conceal the Home screen pages that are no longer relevant to you is one of the features that the feature will bring to the table.

Poof! If hiding the entire screen isn’t your thing, you can also hide specific apps from your Home screen.

But what happens to these apps once they are no longer visible on your Home screen? They can still be found in the App Library.

You may access them from the App Library in the same way you can from the Home screen. You can even delete apps without having to bring them back to the Home screen from there.

  • To delete an app from the App Library, enter the jiggly mode on the iPhone by tapping and holding on to an empty area in the App Library.

Delete Apps from App Library

  • You can do it with an app as well, however, hitting the empty spot will put you in jiggy mode much faster.
  • To delete the app, tap the ‘Delete’ icon (‘x’) in the upper left corner, just as you would on the Home screen.
  • On the screen, a confirmation message will appear. To confirm and delete the app, tap the ‘Delete‘ button.
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Delete Apps from App Library

  • On iPhone, you may also search for and uninstall programs from the App Library. If you can’t seem to find the app among the sea of apps on your screen, this will come in helpful. Type the app’s name into the search bar.
  • Then, in the search result, tap and hold the app’s icon. On your screen, a few alternatives will appear. To delete an app, choose the ‘Remove app‘ option.

Delete Apps from App Library

The App Library in iOS 14 is a fantastic innovation that will make your life easier in every way. It’s got your back on everything from better organizing your Home Screen to removing undesirable apps.

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