After the iOS 15 Update, How to Change Do Not Disturb Mode on Your iPhone


After upgrading to iOS 15, your iPhone’s Do Not Disturb Mode settings may have been altered. iOS 15 includes new Do Not Disturb Mode features, such as Focus, as well as updates to existing ones. Indeed, with iOS 15, the term “Focus” refers to a group of functions that includes Do Not Disturb Mode. We’ll teach you how to alter the new Focus settings in iOS 15 in this post.

Focus (Do Not Disturb) in iOS 15

There are several ways to access the Focus features:

  • The Control Center makes it simple to activate or deactivate one of your Focus/Do Not Disturb sessions. Additionally, you can access the Focus settings via the Control Center: Swipe down from the screen’s upper-right corner. Select Focus.

Do Not Disturb Mode

  • To activate or deactivate a Focus option, tap on its name.

Do Not Disturb Mode

  • Tap on the three dots next to Do Not Disturb to see the Do Not Disturb Settings. Finally, select Settings from the Do Not Disturb menu.

Do Not Disturb Mode

  • To access your Focus settings, navigate to Settings and then tap on Focus.

After selecting the Focus menu, four options will appear: Do Not Disturb, Sleep, Personal, and Work. These are discussed in further depth further down.

Do Not Disturb

Select the Do Not Disturb option. You may toggle Do Not Disturb on or off manually in the Do Not Disturb menu by toggling the switch at the top. Numerous additional options are accessible from this menu; they are detailed below.

Allowed Notifications

You can define which persons or apps are immune to Do Not Disturb; for example, you can have critical calls ring through while all other calls are silenced.

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There are a few distinct elements under the Options section.

Focus Status

Focus Status notifies others that you have turned on Focus or Do Not Disturb; for example, if a buddy attempts to send me a text via Messages, they will notice “Stacey has notifications disabled.” This is a convenient feature, and it also displays the option to Notify Anyway, which can be used in place of the Do Not Disturb setting.

Home Screen

You can choose to conceal alerts from your home screen under the Home Screen option. Additionally, you can specify which home screen pages to display when Focus is on.

Lock Screen

You can dim the Lock Screen from here. Additionally, you can select to display silent notifications on the Lock Screen.

Turn On Automatically

This area allows you to create a schedule for your Do Not Disturb – selecting the days and times when your Do Not Disturb will be active.


Many of the Sleep options are the same as those available in the Do Not Disturb section. The main distinction between the Sleep and Wake up menus is that the Sleep menu lacks scheduling. Instead, go to the Health app and set up your Sleep routine there. The Sleep settings menu will grow if you’ve activated the Sleep schedule in the Health app.

Personal, Work, and More

Personal and Work Do Not Disturb settings may both be customized. The choices are similar to those found in the Do Not Disturb feature; for example, you may correlate Work with your work hours and personalize your settings – including who and what can Notify you during your work hours.

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Do Not Disturb Mode

You can even add more Focus settings to match your specific needs. From the Focus menu in Settings, hit the + sign in the top right corner of your screen. There are various pre-labeled alternatives as well as a Customize option. After you’ve chosen one of these options, you may adjust the Do Not Disturb settings in the Focus configuration.

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